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about us...

We understand that every real estate business and brand have a unique and special story to tell. 


We know as the world of marketing and social media continue to evolve, real estate professionals have more channels than ever to help them in sharing their expertise with the world.

From traditional marketing to digital marketing real estate professionals have many marketing tools to not just choose from but also manage. 

 It's why be believe you don't need more preaching on cold calling, door knocking, or referral systems. You need practical, relevant and affordable solutions to help you effectively run and market your business in a simple, easy and consistent way!


is this you...

you know you should have more organized, clear and consistent business marketing and social media strategies in your business. you even have good intentions about spending more time in the areas. you have one great week where everything feels planned out, and then you find yourself in the trenches of paperwork, client follow-up, rushing all over town and then you find yourself once again disappearing in these areas of your business.  

Real estate services

The good news is, there is a better way!

We guide real estate professionals in marketing themselves consistently, successfully and strategically, minimizing the loss of sales to competitors while increasing referrals, sales revenue, and work-life balance. 

  • What if you could find an affordable marketing and social media management firm that understood the importance of your unique story as a real estate professional as well as the importance of weaving that unique story into each aspect of your business?

  • What if as you continued to service your clients and do you what you do best, crucial marketing tasks continued to power the engine of your brand behind the scenes?

  • What if you had clear marketing and social media solutions each and every month, Done-for-you campaigns built to help you grow your database as well as access to tools and courses designed to help you build, grow and stay ahead of the curve in your business?

  • What if you you could have all this at a "flat-rate" affordable membership style program that coordinated every aspect in a simple way?




  • To put it simply, The Real Estate Corner is the perfect solution allowing you to put your marketing and social media management on autopilot. 

  • Let us help you market yourself consistently, successfully and strategically, increasing your referrals, revenue and work-life balance.






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