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A lot of people think that real estate is seasonal, but the truth is that real estate is a 365/24/7 business! We are constantly working to serve our clients, grow our businesses, take continuing education classes, learn about new marketing strategies and more!

I love my job and I often have to remind myself to take a break and __________ (hit yoga class/unplug from social media/read a good book/watch a movie with my kids/whatever you do to unwind). 

How do you like to decompress when you have free time?



I know, I know. There are lots of real estate memes out there about getting pre-approved. But the truth is, it is the first and foremost thing you should do when you are getting ready to buy a new home.

A pre-approval letter is an assurance to the seller that a lender has checked your credit and verified your ability to qualify for a specific loan amount.

It also helps us narrow down your search and find the perfect property for you and your family!

If you'd like to start the process, DM me and I would be happy to recommend a trusted lender.



I'll be honest with you: I think one of the hardest parts of having your home for sale is keeping your living area clean and staged.

It's easy to keep the kitchen in tip-top shape (isn't that what take-out is for?!) but it is h-a-rd to keep your living room from looking well, lived in.

My favorite tip for sellers is to pack up as much as you can before you go to market, think storage items, knick knacks, extra decor. The less you have in your space, the easier it will be to tidy up in between showings.

What do you think? What tips would you add to this?



I am going to share a little secret with you: sometimes when I am showing my buyer clients prospective new homes, I wish I could buy every single one of them! I especially love spacious rooms and big, beautiful windows that let in lots of natural light.

What is one feature that you would just LOVE to have in your next home? Or if you're in your forever home, what is a feature that you'd love to add to it?



Are you getting ready to search for your next home? According to the National Association of Realtors' 2019 Generational Trends Report, most home searches start at our desks or even in our pockets.

📱 81% of older millennials found their home using a mobile app. 

🖥️ 47% of Gen-Xers looked online as a first step.

No matter how you like to search, I'm ready to help you get started. Just shoot me a DM anytime!



It's true. The road to buying your dream home or selling a property can be full of twists and turns, but I'll be by your side every stem of the way!

Tell me, what is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you when buying or selling a home?



Is there anything better than a cold beverage on a hot summer day?! __________ [I love a nice crisp glass of white wine/my spouse mixes up the best margaritas/I'm not a big drinker but we do keep our home bar stocked for guests].

If you're stocking your home bar (or restocking it after those long weeks of quarantine!) here are a few of my favorite tips for styling your home bar or bar cart: 

🍋 Use ingredients as a decor - a bowl of citrus will look pretty and refreshing.

🍋 A well-stocked bar means a lot of spirits on hand. Have bourbon, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, vermouth and whiskey on hand to mix your favorite cocktails.

🍋 Group like items together on decorative trays (glasses, bottles, bar accessories, and so on).

🍋 Less is more - you don't need to fill every inch of space on your bar or bar cart.

🍋 Keep a few pretty bottles of your favorite mixers - flavored water or sparkling lemonade, on display.

Tell me your favorite tips for mixing cocktails at home!



I don't know about you, but my kitchen always seems to need organizing. Here are three kitchen organization hacks that I love: 

1. Set up a countertop tray or hang a small shelf to contain clutter. If it doesn't fit on the tray/shelf, it doesn't live in the kitchen.

2. Hang a tension rod under the sink. You can hang spray cleaners from the rods, freeing up more under-sink storage space for other household items.

3. Instead of keeping measuring spoons and cups in a jumble in your drawer (I'm guilty of this) hang them inside your cabinets. If they clang around when you open and close the cabinet, you can line the door with cork board to muffle the sound.

Which of these tips would you like to try? What else would you add to the list?






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