So, here's what the experts say...

Never hire someone as an assistant or team member solely based on PAST EXPERIENCE!

Past experience is based on the past. What they did in the past will not make them successful in the future unless you consider other factors as well.

Jim Collins, in his book Good to Great, says "Get the right people on the bus. Get the wrong people off the bus. Get the right people in the right seats."

What I think he means is, sure they have to have a certain skill set that will complement your strengths, however they MUST also be a culture match for you and the company.

So, I've developed some questions that I have used to get the right butt in the right seat.

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Why are you thinking of leaving your current job?

3. What are your responsibilities there?

4. What does your typical day look like?

5. What talents and strengths did you bring to your position?

6. Please give me a couple of examples of your strengths.

7. Tell me about how you have worked in a team.

8. What's the best feedback you've gotten from a customer?

9. Give me an example of when customer service could have been better.

10. When do you think a customer's telephone call should be returned?

11. What's your opinion of the Real Estate business?

12. Describe what you think a Real Estate Agent does/responsibilities are.

13. In your opinion, what's the hardest part of a Real Estate Agent's job?

14. In your opinion, what's the easiest part of a Real Estate Agent's job?

15. What is your opinion of Mortgage Loan Officers, Title Agents, Appraisers, etc.?

16. Tell me about a great experience you've had with a sales person (personal or professional).

17. Tell me about a bad experience you've had with a salesperson (personal or professional).

18. What could they have done to make the experience better for you?

19. Please describe your ideal boss.

20. Please describe your ideal job.

21. How would your current boss describe you? What have you done in your career to make someone else successful?

22. What irks you about people?

23. What irks people about you?

24. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

25. Who do you look to for guidance and why?

Write down their answers so you can review them later for inconsistencies. You may be shocked at some of their answers. These questions will definitely give you a better idea of the "type" of person you are considering hiring and whether they will compliment you and your real estate practice.

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