Very few business cards or marketing materials have an effective message that describes a business clearly. If a prospective client views a business card as unprofessional or confusing, they simply will not do business with you. A ton of money is spent on advertising, signage and websites. Does your business card clearly create a strong emotional bond with a clear message, on what you do and why they should do business with you?

Take this 16-question quiz and see where you rank. Write Y for yes and N for no after each question.

1. Does your business card present a positive and professional image Yes ____ No ____

2. Is the logo unique, to grab the prospects attention? Yes ____ No ____

3. Does the logo "visually" define what you sell at a glance? Yes ____ No ____

4. Are the benefits of doing business with you stated in a branded catch phrase? Yes ____ No ____

5. Are the typeface and text size easy to read? Yes ____ No ____

6. Do you have more than 2 typefaces (fonts) on the card? Yes ____ No ____

7. Does the color of your card or the color on your card stand out? Yes ____ No ____

8. Is the color design consistent with your other marketing materials? Yes ____ No ____

9. Do you have your email address and website on your card? Yes ____ No ____

10. Has your card been updated and improved within the past year? Yes ____ No ____

11. Do you use the back of the card to provide additional information? Yes ____ No ____

12. Do you feature services that you specialize in? Yes ____ No ____

13. Do all of your assistants have their own personal business cards too? Yes ____ No ____

14. Do you act upon every opportunity to present your business card? Yes ____ No ____

15. Do you receive comments such as "What a great card!" or are you asked for more business cards after a client views it? Yes ____ No ____

If you answered more yes' then no's you're probably in good shape. If you answered more no's than yes' it may be time to revamp your business card.

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